2020 has been a year of global pain. It’s been a year of silence and longing, a year of questioning our very existence. It’s been a year of moving through different layers of a collective Broken Heart. Familiar and unfamiliar layers. Some layers made an entrance long before 2020. Some haven't shown their faces yet. The layers are what makes a Heart Broken.

The Institute is an ode to the broken hearts.
Producer/concept: Elena Biner, Alberte Mortensen,Tina Damgaard
Script: Elena Biner, Alberte Mortensen,Tina Damgaard
Costume & overall design: Elena Biner, Alberte Mortensen,Tina Damgaard
Sound: Offermose
Performer: Alberte Mortensen, Alice Presence, Anders Nydam, Anna Østergaard Laurse, Elena Biner, Cecilie Kjær, David Eng, Emilie Jungersen, Evil House Party Gloria Berenice Moreno, Hanna Larsson, Ingvild Bertelse, Irene Kleisdorff Hougaard, Karoline Severinsen, Last Oblivion, Lea Gregersen, Low lov, Marianna Minasova, Morteza Kasravi, Nicol Malesa, Patricia Petersen,Tina Damgaard
Camera: Anders Nydam, Malin Annie Johansson, Cecilie Penney

Christianshavns Beboerhus  29-31 October 2020


Elena Biner  Refshalevej 110a  1432 Copenhagen