Each of my work is a hymn; an ode to an object, an idea, a word, a sound, a human, an animal, a plant, a place, a stone or a river. Materials, symbols and representations are the prose  that compose these prayers, that allow them to be heard and seen.

They believe that objects, ideas, words, sounds, animals, plants, places, stones or rivers all possess a distinct spiritual essence.

They are composing hymns to what is not always visible. Giving visibility to the invisible,  giving it a texture, a material representation, a physical presence. This is how I imagine creating a new language would be like.

If every part of my work is a part of a different hymn, the materials and techniques that compose them become the different components that create the new language. Each new association forms a new word, a new meaning, a new dialect trying to establish a connection to the essence of an “inanimate object”.

I believe in the essentiality of these poetic languages, that don't follow rules, that no one really fully understands but at the same time everyone remembers. They are part of our collective longing for kinship and the wish for an ability to connect with what surrounds us.

The Echo of Cyan

Durational installation performance as Last Oblivion, in collaboration with Kulma, Sarah Lee Armstrong and curated by PARA
XENON, Copenhagen, Denmark

11/2019 Cassandra

Multimedia installation
as Last Oblivion in collaboration with Cecilia Worlen
Palace of Illusion, Beborhuset, Copenhagen, Denmark

09/2019 Metamorphosis
– I stare into ephemeral lights

Multimedia Installation
Metanoia, Copenhagen, Denmark

Haben Sie Angst

Group exhibition
Blaa Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

07/2019 Echo the body machine

Multimedia installation in collaboration with Tina Damgaard, Randi Hageman, Denise Auline Flygenring Garbov
Catch, Helsingør, Denmark

04/2019 The Spiral

Multimedia Durational installation Performance as Last Oblivon
Basement, Copenhagen, Denmark

03/2019 Hungry Ghost

Solo exhibtion
Pustervick, Gothenburg, Sweden

12/2018 TCR Showcase

Interactive Spatial Design as Last Oblivion
Mayhem, Copehagen, Denmark

10/2018 KLUB 8

Spatial Design as Last Oblivon
Gothenburg, Sweden

09/2018 Tenebræ

Solo exhibtion
Malört, Malmö, Sweden

09/2018 Blue Velvet

Spatial Design as Last Oblivon
New Rose, Copenhagen, Denmark

12/2018 Showcase

Exhibition in collaboration with Peter Larsen
Heaps Good, Copenhagen, Denmark

10/2017 Sidereal Dream Festival

Spatial Installation as Last Oblivon
Warehouse 9, Copenhagen, Denmark

Nothing Nice to Say

Group Exhibition
Gallery West Germany, Berlin, Germany

09/2016 Festival of Endless Grattitude  

Spatial Installation
Copenhagen, Denmark

04/2016 Dash TV

Multimedia Video Installation
in collaboration with Tina Damgaard, Nicolai Emil Gottlieb, Sarah Lee Armstrong and Emilie Kilkowska
K-town Hardcore Festival Copenhagen, Denmark

04/2016 CHEAP # 1
– Dealing With Money

Group exhibition
Gallery Kvit, Copenhagen, Denmark

12/2015 Sex, Death & Poppets

Exhibition in collaboration with Joakim Drescher
Repo Man Records, Copenhagen, Denmark

03/2015 Build & Destroy:  Oxymoron

Group exhibition
Espace des Arts sans Frontières, Paris, France

Elena Biner  Refshalevej 110a  1432 Copenhagen